Portable Shower Cabin in India
GPS System

GPS System

Solar Power System

Solar Power System

Portable Shower Cabin and Mobile Shower

Washing and bathing are the most important ways to maintain good health and protecting ourselves frominfections, illnesses, and ailments. Maintaining cleanliness is also important for our self-confidence, physical and emotional well-being. The main purpose of washing is to remove dirt and odors.

The Green Loo presents an entirely new and wide range of FRP Portable showers. The Green Loo is now available in a variety of options of portable showers as per need and is available with different models like Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Mars, Orbit, Triton, and Pluto according to the various sizes, features & facilities and different uses. Each of them is having different specialties and uses such as PVC interior finish, with and without a water tank.

The Green Loo FRP portable showers are easy to install and can be easily connected to the available existing drainage systems, septic tank, bio-digester septic tank or compost septic tank.

FRP Portable shower Cabin With Exclusive Features

GPS System

GPS System

Solar Power System

Solar Power System

Key Features of FRP Portable Shower Cabin 

Wash Basin

FRP Wash Basin
Nearly unbreakable and scratch-proof FRP Wash basin.


High-Quality Mirror
Look beautiful, stay beautiful, Makeover yourself with inside high-quality mirror.

Hand Sanitizer

Clean and Hygiene
After doing the dirty business wash your hands with hand sanitizer.

Sanitary Pad Vending machine

Have a happy period always
Pads should not be a choice, it should be a right for a girl.

Needy & Supportive

Many more ..viz.
Many more additional facilities including Tissue paper holder, hook for clothes, support handle, etc.

We have a wide range of FRP Portable Shower Cabins. Let’s check which one better suits you!

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