About Us

It’s a very personal hygiene issue for every Indian girl and woman — access to toilets. Some 70 percent of households in India don’t have access to toilets, whether in rural areas or urban slums. Roughly 60 percent of the country’s 1.2 billion people still defecate in the open.

The government of India is fighting a battle against poor sanitization with the help of different schemes, solutions to the problems, different govt departments, NGO’s and of course people’s construction for eg Swatch Bharat Abhiyan.

As a part of society, we are devoted to making every possible effort to overcome the sanitation issues, not across the globe. To contribute to a noble cause in a significant way we started the manufacturing of portable toilets, showers, and urinals with the name of The Green Loo. Portable toilets have become one of the most effective facilitators, which can really make a difference and provide a long-lasting & cost-effective solution to this age-old problem. The need of the hour is provided and put in place “n “no of clean and easily accessible restroom facilities and people are ready to pay for it. Here, portable toilets can play a very big role. For instance, large outdoor shows, events, exhibitions draw more visitors and they can stay for a longer time if adequate restroom facilities are available thus making the event more meaningful. Here portable toilets offer the best solution. Adventure tourism like river rafting can get a big boost toilet, changing rooms are available which can portable fiber toilets, changing rooms. Fiber portable toilet units are durable which can be used for years and can be taken easily from one place to another. These are most suitable for Infrastructure projects, construction sites, etc.

Today’s portable toilets, oftentimes called porta-potties, mobile toilets, fiber toilet, bio-toilet, portable shower cabin, etc. are marvels of modern, convenient, clean and cost-effective facilities. Portable toilets are easy to rent, convenient, safe for the environment, and provide legal and ethical means to dispose of human waste when onsite restrooms are lacking in function or capacity. Open defecation is a very big & serious problem in rural India. It can be addressed to a large extent with fiber portable toilets. In urban areas, cities, metropolis for the women on the move need clean and safe restrooms with facilities like sanitary pad dispensers and they are ready to pay a premium for the same. Mobile toilets are a good answer to this.

The concept of “The Green Loo” is gathering momentum and will strive to contribute significantly to “Swatch Bharat Mission” (SBM). The Green Loo products are available in different ultra-modern features and facilities like GPS Service, Solar Powered and AutoFlush System. The Green Loo portable toilets, Showers and Urinals are hygienic and comfortable to use as they are made up with proven antimicrobial, anti-algae and anti-odor material.

The Green Loo makes available a variety of options of portable toilets as per need and is available with different models like Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Mars, Orbit, Triton and Pluto according to the various sizes, features & facilities and different uses. Each of them is having different specialties and uses such as PVC interior finish, with and without water tank, Indian and Western commode facility, Shower facility and Male / Female Urinals.

The Green Loo is the best option for any company, NGO or individual to buy, donate or install to help the society or to personal use. The Green Loo is the best suitable option for CSR activities for any corporate.

Our Story

It all started in early 90s.. Would you believe we started as a small fibre glass and vacuum formed plastic company? The founder, Mr. Kumar Gadekar is well known entrepreneur and Chairman of GEMS group. Being a technocrat at heart he started Mega Fibre Pvt Ltd in the year 1990 a vacuum formed plastic & fibre glass parts and assemblies manufacturing company in Bhosari Pune. Mr Kumar Gadekar is an expert in human resources field. He has developed and nurtured a very knowledgeable & success team of dedicated employees. They are the true assets of Mega.

With such a successful legacy Mega is now coming out with concept called “The green Loo”, a new range of portable toilets with ultra-modern facilities like Solar Power, GPS, Waterless, pay & use etc. Needless to say these are robust & quality products. The concept of “The Green Loo” is gathering momentum and will strive to contribute significantly to “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan”.

However, this is an endless process of teamwork. It needs to be supported by industry thru CSR, many NGOs and the people who can donate to make it success.


The Green Loo mission is inspired by Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ( SBA) an initiative by the Government of India. The Green Loo is committed to bringing you consistent values in the ever-changing times.


To design, to develop, to innovative, to manufacture, to distribute and to offer after-sales service of finest quality products of plastic/composites by using a variety of manufacturing processes as well as technologies.


We the Members of The Green Loo Family are committed to user satisfaction with all respect of On-time Delivery of Zero Defect Products. Manufacturing parts as per their requirements.


Improve Customer Satisfaction provides on-time deliveries to reduce in house rejection to minimize customer complaints and rejection to increase sales turn over.